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About Us

Eurekahosts are a website design and hosting company providing dynamic Internet solutions to many businesses. The company are Northern Irish based with offices in Belfast (Northern Irelands main city)

We can play a key role in providing businesses, organisations and individuals with dynamic website design and cost effective hosting services. Our mission is to provide a good reliable service, we believe the best way to do business is to give our clients exactly what they want. We are committed to providing a reasonably priced personal service.

Eurekahosts are aware that the recession is biting hard to a lot of people and are doing our bit to help you with your online pressence.

Website offer
Our latest offer to you is a 5 to 10 page website with domain name registered and hosted for one year for a fee of £600. This will be a brochure type website with a contact form and lots of information about your services/products/company.
(Offer Valid until end of July 2009)

Ecommerce Package
A fully working ecommerce website enabling you to sell an unlimited amount of products online. We will create the look and feel of the website to your requirements register your domain name for you and host it for a recession beating £1200. If you already have a domain name and hosting we can bring this down to £1050. Please be aware to sell online you must be able to process credit and debit cards payments and our offer does not include that service. We can help you to arrange this. (Offer Valid until end of July 2009)

We can provide a number of other services including:-

Web Hosting - Every website needs to be hosted on a web server, we can host your website on our web server for a reasonable price. You will enjoy many features such as an unlimited number of email addresses, live statistics of the visits to your website and virus checking on your email.

Domain Names - Eurekahosts are a provider of domain names at a very competitive price. Email and site forwarding are free and there are no transfer fees. We currently provide the following TLD's - com, net org,,,,

Flash adds animation and interactivity to pages giving them a truly professional and impressive image. Sound effects, voice overs and music can work well to create the right image. Whole sites can be built in Flash or can be incorporated into HTML pages as buttons, banners and animated images or logos.

Sound & Music the latest trends show that sound effects and music are now a key element in web design. With a background in the music industry and web speeds now being what they are Eurekahosts will ensure that your web site is at the forefront of this up and coming trend.

Self Administration can be used to update your site using a easy to use interface. This can range from changing text on any page or updating a product catalogue which contains images and prices.

Shopping Systems can be developed to your specifications. They can have a custom look so they will fit seamlessly with your existing look. Shopping systems will contain self administration functions, database integration and e-commerce solutions.